We have several things we could use/need most of which are quite expensive.

Because, we are disabled photographers funding for us to both do shoots for families and get things desired/needed are very difficult.

Here is a list of our current needs & wants.  Assistance can be done in many ways, check via mail, paypal, amazon purchase or some other pre-arranged method.

I have a review channel where I will review any donated item upon request as a means to offset the cost & provide some form of benefit to the donator.

  • Relocation:  Relocating to a larger home would get us closer to medical services & provide for a "studio" to better faciliate photographing needy families.
  • Repair of existing building:  We have an existing building that was demolished during a severe windstorm  Rebuilding it would allow us to remain in our current location.
  • Computer Ram: We are currently in need of an additional 16G of ram to allow more rapid processing of images.
  • Large Photography Grade Monitor: We are currently using a 42" tv for a monitor which doesn't provide accurate color rendition.  Upgrading to a photography grade monitor would faciliate much more accurate photos.
  • Studio Lights:  We currently only have room light, a single flash, and window light for lighting.  A pair of studio strobes would greatly increase the quality of images we can produce.
  • Studio Booms:  It is very difficult sometimes for us to get our lighting where its best needed.  Studio booms would increase our options.
  • Studio Chairs:  We are currently using bar stools as our "chairs".  Upgrading to studio chairs would increase portability and more comfortable client seating.
  • Tethering software:  The tethering software we currently use ( Lightroom ) is horrible at best.  New software would make our shoots go much smoother and faster.
  • Additional Batteries:  We currently only have 1 full set of batteries which do not last very long.  Getting an additional spare set of batteries for each device would ensure we could shoot the entire session without recharging.
  • Additional Memory Cards:  We currently only have 1 set of memory cards.  Should one fail we could easily lose all of the shots from that day.
  • Additional Lenses:  We currently only have one good lens and could use 2 more as listed on our wishlist to faciliate better images for our clients.
  • Miscellaneous Amazon Items:  Several miscellaneous things are on our list.  We update it as we acquire things or need others.