Our Mission

In 2015 I restarted taking up photography but this time in a more "professional" manner.  After almost 3 years of polishing my skills I felt lead by GOD to provide the ability for impoverished familiies to get one free digital portrait per year with the ability for them to purchase low cost prints if they choose.
To that end we created "Bear's Photography".  My son has since joined in that mission which we greatly enjoy.
We're still in the fledgling stages.  Creating a mission like this is a lot more work then it sounded when I heard the call.
This site is dedicated to that mission.  It's purpose is to show off our personal work and to provide a way for those we photograph to be able to get their images.
Families are selected based on recommendation by their church or Social Services.

If you feel lead to help there are many things we could use or if you know a family in need let us know.
Troy "Bear" Hall
Teddy Hall